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Apartment Summary

Davis Place Apartments are single-room occupancy (SRO) apartments where all utilities (electric, water, sewer, basic cable) are included as well as a free laundry facility. The rooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, small refrigerator, ceiling fans, and blinds. Every building has a community kitchen and dining area, a large community area with a TV and a small library.

Davis Place I - 511 Garfield Ave

Davis Place I is located nearest the Bee Branch project on Garfield. This complex has 19 units and is a smoking facility.

Davis Place II - 513 Garfield Ave

This building also has 19 units and is a smoking facility. With a large parking lot shared behind DPI and DPII, they are great units for tenants that have vehicles as off-street parking is readily available.

Davis Place III - 521 Garfield Ave

Davis Place III only has 12 units and is a smoking facility as well. A little further away from the parking lot, but on-street parking is available at any time. 

Davis Place IV - 601 Garfield Ave

Davis Place IV is our only non-smoking facility and only has 12 units available. It is located on the 600 block of garfield near The Hairport Salon and has it's own parking lot in the rear of the building.


Each year The Davis Place management puts together a community event on Father's day and Christmas. On Father's Day we prepare and serve food for tenants and their families. This is a time for the guys to socialize and get to know each other as well as join in on the festivities and friendly competitions for the day. Usually a bean bag or horseshoe tournament along with card games. The Christmas dinner has had lots of success because it brings people together to celebrate the holiday.

Food Donations

Many organizations throughout the city donate food and other items to The Davis Place on occasion. We are very grateful to have such generous businesses and individuals in our community that are willing to help where they can. Food that is donated is split between the four buildings and put in the community refrigerators and kitchens. These donations can mean a meal for someone that would otherwise not eat. Clothes and other items are handled in a similar manner. We appreciate these donations immensely as does everyone who benefits from them. Many tenants have shared their gratitude with us, which we try to pass on to the donors.

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